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Support for students

During the entire period of classroom sessions, students are entitled to:

  • Receive study material for the lessons from the teacher
  • Participate in the Seminars organised by the Scuola Sant’Anna without any expenses
  • Access to the library facilities of the Scuola Sant’Anna
  • Access to the computing rooms with web browsing and a personal e-mail account

The Secretariat of the Master helps the students in finding suitable lodging in Pisa, including support for finding individual accommodations or assembling groups for sharing rental costs.

The Sant’Anna will provide free lodging (a shared accommodation) for first 8 days from their arrival in Italy at the campus in Pisa. Students who wish to avail this facility will have to observe the campus rules & regulations.

Students usually prefer to stay in a shared accommodation wherein a registered legal contract is made between the students and the owner of the house for the period of their stay. This agreement will be strictly between the students and the owner of the house, as scholarship awarded by Sant’Anna doesn’t cover accommodation.
Sant’Anna may provide assistance to interested students for locating a possible shared accommodation. In all such cases, the entire expenses have to be borne by the students. Sant’Anna would extend this assistance to the students only during their period of stay at the campus.

In any case, students are free to find out/try out their own options, as accommodation is not covered by the scholarship awarded by Sant’Anna.

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