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Selection Process

The selection process will be divided into two stages:

  • pre selection upon applicant titles;
  • multiple choice test divided into four parts: mathematics and logic, C and C++ programming language, algorithms, information technology principles.

The written test will be held in the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce offices in: Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata around the end of June. The exact date and location will be promptly communicated to applicants by e-mail.

The selection will be carried out by a committee that will select candidates by rating them using a scale with a maximum score of 100 points, divided as follows:
Max 60 points for the written test and max 40 points for titles.

The following criteria will apply:

  • degree awarding year (max 6 points);
  • age (max 5 points);
  • degree mark (max 17 points);
  • professional experience (max 5 points);
  • post-degree training courses (max 2 points);
  • other titles (max 5 points).

At the end of the selection process, the selection committee will post the final ranking list on this web site, and will proceed to contact via e-mail the resulting top 15 candidates.

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