Italian Language and European Culture
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The course is an active program of learning, acquaintance, and experiencing the Italian language, culture, and realities.This is a tailored course for
professional graduate foreign students coming to Italy for the first time.Italian language skills are reviewed and optimized.A general coverage of Italian culture is accompanied by the treatment of specific economic and professional issues.Students are driven to a “hands on” approach to
personal and direct experiencing of Italy.Class format includes lectures, discussion, presentations, and field trips.
  • Introduction
  • Methodology.
  • Language, Identity, and Integration
  • Polyethnic society.Global economy
  • The Italian culture area
  • The Italian peninsula, Geography and Disunity
  • The modern times of Italy
  • The Italian state in contemporary time
  • Italian culture and myth
  • “Made in Italy” and the world
  • National and local politics in Italy
  • Integration and Italy
  • Development and trends of Italian economy
  • Innovation, quality, and growth in Italy
  • Italian science and advanced technologies
  • The multicultural society in Italy